The return of the goat

The goats are back in town!
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The descent of the cows

The descent of the cows from the Belalp date 19.09.2020 time…
Outdoor activity for men

Chop chop, wood chopping

Chop, chop. For all the dad's out there, and your son(s) as well: Come to Valais. Bush walks, mountains hikes, make a fire and chop wood.

How to build a Bug Hotel

How to build a Bug Hotel? Building an insect hotel is fun for…

Swimming in summer

Swimming in summer Brigerbad, is fun!

Impressive hike

40 minutes hike. The first part of the hike is through a beautiful forest.
Blatten village

Blatten, the village


Meet the cutest sheep in the world!

The blacknose sheep are typical of the Wallis region
Snowboard freeride teenagers Belalp

Freeride Snowboarding

The best powder you could possibly find and kilometers of pistes. In for a challenge? 


Skiing on the slopes of Blatten-Belalp offers more than 60 kilometres of skiing fun